Big Sky Summer Camp

July 18-22, 2016





Missoulian: Missoula middle school speech and debate camp explodes in popularity



Doug’s Pug’s (1st Place)

Head Coaches – Brianna Canning, Bradie Matt

Assistant Coaches – Dave Mattson, Samantha Kuykendall


Competitors – Hans S, Jaden B, Jordan T, Kaleb G, Kateri A, Maya W, McKenna Q, Anna S, Benji H, Blaine A, Fiona M, Gabe L, Hannah R, Jillie A, Khasidy H, Madison M, Nayan P, Sammi W, Kelton K, Ethan H, Sam K, Brooklyn T, Braedyn T, Finn M, Hugo L, Roman H



Ninja Narwhals (2nd Place)

Head Coach – Alicia Boone

Assistant Coaches – Raines Baker, Kyla Andres, Tyler Bisson


Competitors - Ethan S, Hannah D, Jace B, Liza S, Max S, Nicholas K, Atticus B, Braden C, Ckhai I, Daniel B, Lexi Z, Lynn A., Madeline W, Abby F, Brooke S, Caroline W, Clara C, Connor K, Lillian C, Maille M, Raquel R, Stephen M, Dorryan V, Sophia A,



Oragami Witchblades (3rd Place)

Head Coach – Bonnie Long

Assistant Coaches – Eryka Mclean, Wesley Rolle, Sydney Brittain


Competitors – Corbin P, Denize Z, Emily L, Garet B, Jaden T, Michael W, Savannah H, Shelby L, Amelia K, Brenna O, Ignatius F, Katie F, Miles C, Ana W, Elliot B, Emma W, Max S, Paige P, Pilar S, Shamrock O, Sophia C, Denver J


Harshmallows (4th Place)

Head Coach – Adie Smith

Assistant Coaches – Dexter Crago, Everett Bayer, Ethan Hill


Competitors – Alyssa S, Kodie C, Alexandra M, An C, Anneke V, Arnica C, Benjamin W, Chase G, Dominck H, Jaeda D, Jayden B, Keira S, Marissa H, Maximus H, Olivia C, Claire H, Maya F, Render F, Saddie S, Zuzana R, Katie L, Michael C, Nicole H


Coaches / Event Specialists – Corbin Witt, Zach Nachtigal, Kaylee Rosenbaum




What:  A week-long day camp introducing middle school students to high school activities and academics.  Mornings will consist of a week-long introduction to Speech and Debate events, including acting, writing, persuasive speaking, and/or debate.  In the afternoons, high school students will lead activities that familiarize campers with academic and extracurricular programs available to them.

Who:   Camp is open to all Missoula area students entering 6th – 9th grade in the Fall of 2016.  Campers will choose the events and activities that best fit their interests.  This camp is for anyone interested in acting, writing, arguing, creativity, speaking, performing, or competing.  Students will not be required to participate in events outside of their comfort zone (i.e. not everyone has to debate, or participate in an acting event).

Where:       All activities will take place at Big Sky High School.

Cost:         Free, includes a camp t-shirt, materials, snacks, and lunch for all five days.

Exhibition:  Friday afternoon, 1:00pm – 5:00pm, followed by an awards ceremony for families at 5:30pm.

9th Grade: Upperclassmen will guide incoming Freshman in specific activities to help with the high school transition.




Speech, Debate, and Drama      9:00am – Noon, Mon-Fri

Campers may choose to participate in 1-3 events


Acting & Interpretation

Campers select a 3-5 minute dramatic work and learn to create characters and movement.  Pieces may be either humorous or serious in nature, and do not need to be memorized

Prepared Speaking

Campers choose a topic of interest and write a 3-5 minute speech.  Topics can be either persuasive or informational in nature, and may include visual aids and posters if desired.

Impromptu Speaking

Campers will learn how to give organized, persuasive speeches that are not pre-written.  They are given a topic (bravery, friendship, etc.) and have 5 minutes to prepare a 3 minute speech


Campers will spend the week preparing to debate a topic relevant to them.  They will research the topic, write their position on both sides, and learn how to argue against opponents.




               Lunch (provided)            Noon – 1:00pm




Afternoon Activities          1:00pm – 4:00pm


Fine Arts




STEM Career




Health Sciences Day



International Baccalaureate


 Drama – Acting games and improvisation

AERIE-Poetry & Creative Writing Workshop

Yearbook Photography NEW


 MCPS School Farm Tour

Robotics Hands-On Activity NEW


 Crime Scene Mystery

HOSA Future Health Professionals NEW


 Theory of Knowledge Workshop 

Model United Nations Simulation NEW 

DECA Business Marketing











Personal Introductions



What is Speech and Debate


School Tours




Introductions to events








Improvisation games and acting on the BSHS stage



Dance Routine






Learning Debate


Alicia teaches Impromptu









FFA Tour of Missoula County Public Schools Farm

Newborn (20 minute old) piglets


Mr. Farrar explains safety on a working farm


Gavin, Anna, and the goats


Returning from 2015






Teams chosen


Team Icebreakers


Choosing Events


Team practice





Health Science Academy – Forensic Murder Mystery


The suspects


The crime scene




Medicine and the case


Big Sky Freshman Savannah takes charge


The final two suspects – Dexter and Wes


The guilty party




Team practice


Dave with his debaters


Sam helping write a Speech


Doug’s Pug’s getting ready


Ninja Narwhal’s working hard







Extra team time





Final Tournament Prep (aka what do when the Internet goes down)




BARBECUE (Or last minute work)



Exhibition Tournament


Awards Ceremony


Your Coaches – Telling their Stories


Debate Finalists


Debate Top Speakers


2016 Team Champions – Doug’s Pugs 


Tournament Results

Team Sweepstakes

1stDoug’s Pugs

2ndNinja Narwhals

3rdOrgami Witchblades




1stMadison M – Doug’s Pug’s

2ndMaya W. – Doug’s Pug’s

3rdPilar S.Oragami Witchblades

4thStephen M. – Ninja Narwhals

5thFiona M. – Doug’s Pugs

6thMcKenna Q. – Doug’s Pugs

7thSam K. – Doug’s Pug’s

8thAnneke V.Harshmallows

9thNayan P. – Doug’s Pugs

10th Jayden B.Harshmallows

11th Savannah H. - Oragami WItchblades

12thPaige P.Oragami Witchblades


Impromptu (Finalists)

1stMcKenna Q. – Doug’s Pug’s

2ndClara C. – Ninja Narwhals

3rdAbby F. – Ninja Narwhals

4thCkhai I. – Ninja Narwhals

5thMaille M. – Ninja Narwhals

6thStephen M. – Ninja Narwhals

7thLillian C. – Ninja Narwhals


Oratory (Finalists)

1st (tie) – Sammi W. – Doug’s Pug’s

1st (tie) – McKenna Q. – Doug’s Pug’s

3rdKhasidy H. – Doug’s Pugs

4thSavannah H.Oragami Witchblades


Expository (Finalists)

1st (tie) – Hans S. – Doug’s Pug’s

1st (tie) – Maya W. – Doug’s Pug’s

3rdBraden C. – Ninja Narwhals

4thSophia A. – Ninja Narwhals

5th (tie) – Katie F.Oragami Witchblades

5th (tie) – Max S.Oragami Witchblades

7thMichael W. Oragami Witchblades


Dramatic Interpretation (Finalists)

1stSammi W. – Doug’s Pug’s

2ndKhasidy H. – Doug’s Pug’s

3rdOlivia C.Harshmallows

4thAnna S. – Doug’s Pugs

5thAnneke V.Harshmallows

6thJaeda D.Harshmallows


Humorous Interpretation (Finalists)

1stHugo L. – Doug’s Pug’s

2ndKatie F.Oragami Witchblades

3rdJordan G. – Doug’s Pugs

4thMax S. – Ninja Narwhals

5thEmma W.Oragami Witchblades

6thPilar S.Oragami Witchblades

7thSophia A. – Ninja Narwhals

8th Gabe L. – Doug’s Pugs