About the Team


Big Sky Speech and Debate

 “Raise the Bar”





About the Team        


Big Sky Speech and Debate seeks to be open and welcoming to as many students as possible.  Like Track and Field, there are a wide range of events for competitors, including 8 Speech events and 4 Debate events.  Speech and Debate is considered a Montana High School Association sanctioned competitive activity.  All students will have the opportunity to participate and compete, and up to 42 students are able to make the Varsity team in any given year.  Our goal is to help our team members embody our motto, “Raise the Bar”, individually, as a team, as a school, and in our Missoula community.




Practice Schedule

Practice begins September 26           3:15-5:00pm, days TBD, flexibility for new competitors*


*Students in a Fall Sport are not required to practice until the week after their final Fall competition.  Winter athletes can also participate.


2017 – 2018 Tournament Schedule

Varsity & JV Tournaments

Stevensville (ABC one day)

Kalispell (one day)

Hawker Invitational @ Bozeman

Loyola  @ Missoula (ABC one day)

Helena & Carroll College

Kalispell Regionals


Columbia Falls w/ AA

Missoula Invitational

AA State @ Great Falls

National Qualifiers @ Helena High

Oct 28

Nov 4

Nov 10 – 11

Nov 18

Dec 1 – 2

Dec 8 – 9


Jan 5 – 6

Jan 12 – 13

Jan 26 – 27

Feb 9 – 10




How to Join




If you are interested in joining the team, fill out an interest form at:



Contact the Coaches

Contact assistant Coach Ariel Cornelius in room 38 or Head Coach Nick Malinak at


or  (406) 261-0206


Come to Practice

Practice begins September 26 in room 38.  More information will be posted online and in BSHS before the season begins.


For Fall Athletes

Students who participate in a Fall Sport are welcome to join the team once their season ends.  Make sure to fill out an interest form or contact the coaches.

Student Interest Meeting: Lunch, Wednesday October 4, BSHS Library

Parent Meeting for families of students interested in joining Varsity/JV Speech and Debate:

Wednesday, October 4, 6:00pm, BSHS Library

Speech Events          


“Interp” Acting Events

Ø  Humorous Oral Interpretation– Learn and perform a funny work of drama with many characters.

Ø  Dramatic Interpretation – Learn and perform a serious work of drama with one or more characters.

Ø  Duo Interpretation – Work with a partner to memorize and perform a work of drama together, usually something humorous.


 “Memorized” Events

Ø  Original Oratory – Write and memorize a persuasive speech on a topic of your choice.

Ø  Memorized Public Address – Find and memorize a speech given by someone important.

Ø  Informative Speaking – Write and memorize an informative speech on a topic of your choice, with the creative use of visual aids like posters.


“Short Prep” Events

Ø  Impromptu Speaking – Give a new speech every time, with a few minutes to prepare.  Speeches are usually about motivational quotations or important topics in society.

Ø  Extemporaneous Speaking – A speech on current events.  Each time the speech is on a different topic, with 30 minutes to prepare using magazines and newspaper articles.




Debate Events          


Ø  Lincoln Douglas Debate – Debate one-on-one about moral issues, and what society or individuals should or should not do.

Ø  Public Forum Debate – Debate with a partner about current events, and what the government should or should not do.

Ø  Policy Debate – Team up with a partner to create a plan to make the world a better place.  The Policy Debate topic for the 2017-2018 season is the US education system.

Ø  Legislative Debate – Take on the role of a member of Congress, and propose and debate bills in a room with other students.



Speech and Debate at BSHS

·         A varsity team that represents Big Sky High School at tournaments around the state.

·         Anyone can join, participate and compete, regardless of experience or grade level.

·         Travel, compete for Big Sky, have the chance to earn a Varsity letter and one of 42 Varsity State spots.

·         Members of the Varsity Speech and Debate Team also participate in:

Volleyball    Health Science Academy       Boys Soccer   Cheerleading           Wrestling

Football       International Baccalaureate  H.O.S.A.        FFA           Golf         DECA

Drama         Girls Soccer        Band          Tennis          Student Council        Cross Country

  Softball        Model UN           Choir         Track            Key Club   AERIE       And more…